Nørre Nebel Site

It is possible to buy 1.8 hectares land from a private owner in the city Nørre Nebel near to the landingstation for The Havfrue and The North Sea Connect. Especially interesting for carriers.

Area: Plot of Land Area 1.8 ha (ca. 18,568 m2)

Plot ratio: 33 percent equal 6,127 m2

Property name

Nørre Nebel City


Industrivej 31, 6830 Nørre Nebel

Power capacity

20 MW

Companies in the area

Telia and Global Connect


Greenfield – there used to be a cement plant on the site

Plot of Land Area in total

1,8 hectares

Heat recovery


Property Owner



6830 Nørre Nebel

Distance to Billund Airport

65 km

Distance to City of Esbjerg

40 km

Max. building height

8,5 m – If it has be higher – zoning is needed

Max. antenna height

8,5 m – If it has be higher – zooning is needed

Construction rights


Dark fiber


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Jørgen Nielbæk, Senior Consultant, Varde