CO-LO: 2 sites 

We can offer land at two Co-Lo dataparks located at the city of Varde and in the city of Nørre Nebel.

Varde Municipality has screened the sites for datacenterpurpose.

Hyperscale sites

  • +800 hectares screened for data center purposes
  • +600 MW n-1-1 in end-2023 on 150/400 Kv
  • Zoning 22 weeks and building permit included in time

Co-Lo Timeschedule

1. Zoned (February 2021)

2. Archeology (completed)

3. Building permits (2 months)

Before you can build your data center you must have a building permit from the municipality of Varde. It usually takes 2 months from the time an adequate application has been handed in to the permission is completed.


Area: Plot of Land Area 1.8 ha (ca. 18,568 m2)

Plot ratio: 33 percent equal 6,127 m2

Varde Site 6 Areas

The site is as a model divided in 6 different areas, but can be divided or assembled.