CO-LO: 2 sites 

We can offer land at two Co-Lo dataparks located at the city of Varde and in the city of Nørre Nebel.

Varde Municipality has prepared a concrete plan for the sites and provided the necessary investigations of the soil. We have completed the necessary archeological tests, whose results have shown nothing that needs further investigation. This makes it easier to get started on the construction process. You can find the specifications here 

Hyperscale sites

  • +800 hectares screened for data center purposes
  • +600 MW n-1-1 in mid-2023 on 150/400 Kv
  • Zoning 22 weeks and building permit included in time

Co-Lo Timeschedule

1. Zoned (February 2021)

2. Archeology (completed)

3. Building permits (2 months)

Before you can build your data center you must have a building permit from the municipality of Varde. It usually takes 2 months from the time an adequate application has been handed in to the permission is completed.

Varde Site 6 Areas

The site is as a model divided in 6 different areas, but can be divided or assembled.


Area: Plot of Land Area 1.8 ha (ca. 18,568 m2)

Plot ratio: 33 percent equal 6,127 m2